What’s the most powerful force on the planet? Dollars to donuts, we’d put our money on man and his irresistible urge to use his penis. And if a new survey has any say in that matter, it’s time to collect.

According to the Health Survey conducted by the National Health Services in the United Kingdom, men have, on average, twice as many sex partners as women.

If we’re to believe the results of this admitted document of male braggadocio, the average British man has had ten sex partners in his lifetime. Women, on the other hand, get by with less than five.

To that end, women are more likely to commit to a single partner, with a quarter of all women in the survey indicating they’d been with only one man in their lifetime. And men? We’re not so chaste, though 17% of men in the survey said they had done the deed with just one sex partner.

Getting back to that whole, you know, urge to hump every organism in sight, 27% of men said their number of sexual playthings were in the double digits. The ladies were behind here as well, with just 17% of the female species claiming they’d had ten or more partners with a penis.

The survey does suggest, however, that women are starting their carnal adventures earlier than men. One in four of the lasses said they’d first done the deed before they were 16. Just one in five men said the same.

Our thoughts? You live once. Sex is essential to quality of life. In other words, have lots of it.