Break out your calculator. We’ll analyze this together.

No, we’re not talking about penis size, though you’ll invariably find information throughout this website on how to make your penis bigger. Today we’re about to debunk the myth that guys think about sex every seven seconds.

According to this study, the average man thinks about sex roughly 19 times each day. Divide that by 16 hours that he’s awake throughout the day, on average, and we find that men think about sex roughly once every…3,031 seconds. Or roughly once every 50 minutes.

A far cry from the urban legend that us manliest of folk drift over to thoughts of sexual prowess every seven seconds, which if correct, would translate to 8,000 times a day!

So yes, we do have sex on the mind. Just not so rampantly, and we think about food and sleeping more.

These are the findings of a recent survey conducted by Terri Fisher, professor of psychology at The Ohio State University at Mansfield, in which she divided study participants, both male and female, into three groups, of which she asked questions about eating, sleeping and sexuality. She included the former two topics to conceal the study’s focus on sexuality.

When a thought occurred about food, sleep or sex, the participant in the appropriate group clicked a golf tally counter. Each participant wrote the total down at the end of the day, and kept track for a week. Notably, the group that counted the frequency of their sexual thoughts was the largest, at 163 participants.

The results? Some men thought about sex more than others. One man, in fact, thought about sex on average 388 times each day. And there was variation with the women, some of whom thought about sex more than men did.

Break it down however and men thought about sex 19 times a day. Women not quite as much, at 10 times a day during waking hours.

The study is published in The Journal of Sex Research.