No matter how many times we blog about this, it seems like guys just don’t get the message. Sharp objects, be they injections or a surgeon’s scalpel and the male anatomy don’t mix. Now a man is dead and a woman is charged with manslaughter after she allegedly injected his Johnson with silicone.

Kasia Rivera is charged with manslaughter after she allegedly gave a fatal penis injection to Justin Street


Police allege that 22-year old Justin Street of Essex County, New Jersey died after 34-year old Kasia Rivera injected him with silicone that Street believed would give him a bigger penis.

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Street died the day after he got the injection. Authorities deemed his death a homicide after a medical examiner determined he died of a silicone embolism.

For her part, Rivera denies her role in the death, but remains in jail on $75,000 bail. She also faces charges of unauthorized practice of medicine out of her East Orange apartment. And authorities are investigating whether she gave injections to other victims, er, “patients”.

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