We’re living in a Wal-Mart Nation guys. If you’re trying to conceive, that can be rough.

That’s because we like our PS3′s and Xbox. We love our Blue-Ray movies and giant flat-screens. They make a great combo with a six pack of Coke and some nachos with cheese.

Party at my house!

Hey, I love chilling in the man cave as much as the next guy. But with 30% of the American population obese (not just overweight, beyond that!), our swimmers are drowning in a sea of lethargy and cholesterol.

For those of us trying to boost our fertility and spread our seed for future generations, we’re not doing ourselves any favors.

I mean be honest, did your bedroom adorn images of the Maxim-style scantily clad curvy hottie, or a female version of the Michelin man in a speedo?

Right. You probably went for the curvy babe with no clothes on. So did I. Evolution favors the physically active and those in peak shape, gentlemen. That means that our fertility is directly linked to how we treat our bodies.

Here’s a link to an interesting story on how to boost male fertility. According to these New Zealand researchers, diet is pivotal when you’re trying for a baby:


Start with antioxidants. Eat lots of fruits and veggies. Tea has antioxidants. So does cranberry juice and mozzarella cheese. Google it. You’ll find lots of ways to put antioxidants in your stomach.

You’ll want to do that because they’ll increase your odds of a happy conception.

While you’re at it, get off the couch and be active. Play soccer, or go for a run. Just get off the couch and be active in what you do. You’ll find that the pounds come off, and you might even catch some lusty looks from the ladies.

Also, give your odds at a successful conception a boost with Semenax, one of the best semen volume enhancers on the market.

I’m no scientist. But I do know that the ingredients in Semenax are all proven to enhance the male reproductive system, and that Semenax boosts the quality and quantity of semen volume.

When you’re trying to put a baby in your future, that’s a good thing.

And by trading in the nachos for blueberries you’re helping your heart, brain, and the swimmers and will carry your name to future generations.