How do you tell someone you have an eight-inch penis?

Or maybe a better way to phrase this question, SHOULD you tell anyone your penis size?

Well friend, unless I have the letters “MD” following my name, the truth is, if you’ve got a huge penis, enjoy it.

And keep it between you and the ladies, or your significant other.

There’s no question that the internet has revolutionized communications, and society.

When I was a kid, sending a letter to your cousin in Australia took weeks. This involved writing a letter, short-handed, stamping it, addressing the envelope, and putting it in the mailbox.

Then, in three weeks or a month, your cousin, who lived on the other side of the planet would, (gasp!) actually get your message!

Today we’ve got instant access. Facebook, Skype and their like provide immediate gratification. Got something to say to your Australian cousin in 2011? He’ll get your message in less than two seconds.

And similarly, the internet brings experts and their communities to your doorstep. Wondering about that thing on your foot that’s really irritating? Google it, look it up on Wikipedia or post it in a medical forum and you’ll soon have your answer.

Which brings me to my point. Male enhancement is about feeling secure in your manhood. Feeling good about yourself.

If you’ve got a small penis and want a solution, or reassurance that you’re not the only guy with that issue, the internet provides access to answers.

You can argue that you don’t really get to know people that way, in a forum or chat room, because it’s not real life. Guys give the allusion that they’re bigger online and they’re really hardcore. Ever noticed how an innocent YouTube video on how to cook a steak draws angry threats and four-letter responses? That’s because online, they’re hardcore. Or so they feel.

But it’s that same anonymity that provides an open, yet discrete discourse for guys looking to discuss or learn about male enhancement.

You’re not gonna talk about how to make your penis bigger with your buddies on wings night over beers. Nor should you. And it’s the same deal with fertility and how to boost sex drive. Keep it between you and your doctor.

But online you’ve got endless resources, experts, and the ears of guys with the same questions you have. You’ve got their attention, because they, like you searched for and found, the online male enhancement community.

You’ll probably never talk to the guy in real life. Heck, you’ll probably never see the same online IDs after a month. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But when you’re online, and you’ve got questions about male enhancement, drop your guard and say what’s on your mind.

I hope you see where I’m going with this.

Got questions about male enhancement? Keep it online. Be polite, and open to ideas. And see that you’re not alone.