What is male enhancement?

Male enhancement is a broad term that means any method of boosting the penis and the male reproductive system. However, within this broad definition, male enhancement also refers to boosting fertility, both in quality and quantity of sperm. Male enhancement can also refer to products that boost the male sex drive or the capacity to produce and sustain an erection.

Penis enhancement, as the name implies, is defined as either lengthening or widening the penis, or both.

How is male enhancement different than Viagra?

Viagra is a prescription drug that is usually available only through a doctor and only affects the patient’s ability to get an erection. A male enhancement product, such as Semanex™, is a natural libido booster that increases both sperm count, volume and erection quality, while benefiting the overall male reproductive system, without the side effects associated with Viagra.

What is the average penis size?

While there are variations and deviations among ethnic populations, the average North American penis is between five and seven inches long when erect and has a circumference, or girth, of between four and five inches.

Do women really care about the size of my penis?

Have you ever met a woman who has said she prefers a small penis?

Penis size isn’t a factor in determining a man’s self worth. But biology designed the penis for intercourse with the vagina. The walls of the vagina are lined with tissues that produce a pleasurable sensation from the friction caused during intercourse, while a woman’s g-spot is stimulated by a long penis. If a penis is too small it doesn’t hit these pleasurable spots during sex, which makes it difficult to impossible for a woman to achieve orgasm.

If you ask a woman her ideal penis size, she’ll most often tell you between seven and a half to eight inches in length. She’ll probably say she likes a wide penis too, to hit those sweet spots.

Penis size is also linked to a man’s identity. Throughout history, a large penis has been associated with authority and fertility. The pressures of being a man, from the locker room showers of high school and team sports to his bedroom activities with his sexual partner, favour a large penis. This certainly doesn’t make a man evil if he was born with a small penis. But if his penis size affects his self confidence, and it usually does, then yes, penis size matters.

How do I make my penis bigger?

Penis enlargement consists of several effective methods. A high quality penis extender, such as ProExtender™ System, is medically proven to increase penis length and size. There are also good penis exercise systems that can make the penis larger. Penis enlargement pills, including VigRX™ Pills are effective as well.

How does penis enlargement work?

Penis exercise systems and extenders both increase blood pressure to the penis through traction. With time, consistency and proper rest, this process stimulates cells in the penile tissue to divide, growing new penis tissue, and increasing size.

Penis enlargement pills boost blood pressure to the penis with natural ingredients, often including ginkgo biloba, damiana and hawthorn berry, that are proven to stimulate penile tissue. VigRX™ Plus also contains Bioperene®, which is medically proven to increase the absorption rate of the nutrients it’s combined with, making VigRX™ Plus particularly effective in stimulating penile tissue.


Is male enhancement safe?

Natural male enhancement methods, such as Semanex, are much safer than prescription drugs like Viagra because they contain only natural ingredients that produce no known side effects. Penis enhancement is safe, provided that you use a high-quality mechanism, if using a penis extender, and follow the instructions provided, both for extenders and penis exercise systems. Look for an exercise system that is doctor-approved, and provides a detailed daily regiment, preferably with DVD and booklet instructions. Erection Fitness™ is a good choice.

How much will I gain?

This depends on the user, quality of the product and time and frequency spent using it. Generally speaking, a good penis extender can lengthen the penis by two to four inches, and widen the girth up to two inches. Penis exercise programs and effective enhancement pills can produce similar results.

How long does it take?

Users usually begin seeing results after just a few weeks, but depending on the method, see the most dramatic results between three to six months.

Does my age matter?

Penis size does not decrease with age. The penis only grows until the end of puberty. Men of all ages, from post-puberty onward, can safely use male enhancement methods and expect to see results.

Will my gains be permanent?

You can expect to lose about 0.5 inches when weaning yourself off an effective penis exercise program or extender. You keep the growth you get from penis pills for life.