You know how we as men have that crazy urge to go forth in this life and procreate with anything with two legs? That’s cause nature gave us these neat little swimmer things called sperm. The more you get laid, the more they get out.

That’s a good thing, cause no sperm, no babies, reproduction and survival of the human race.

And it’s a common assumption that guys with lots of testosterone have lots of sperm. After all, the more of the sex hormone coursing through your anatomy, the more swimmers in there to spread your seed. Right?

Well, er, not always. According to this blog post from the good folks at Men’s Health, signs of low sperm count show up in weird and unforeseen ways. Among them, low voice. (Cue dancing high-pitched men).

Yup, that’s right Barry White. New research conducted by the University of Western Australia found that guys with that low-pitched voice that hints of testosterone actually have lower counts of total sperm. The reason? Testosterone suppresses high levels of sperm production.

Another flip side of too much testosterone – remember when we blogged last year about finger length and that guys with a longer ring finger than index finger on their right hand had a bigger penis? Call it a morbid compromise, but the guy with the shorter ring finger, and hence a smaller penis, may be less likely to develop prostate cancer.

Relax guy, this ain’t the end of the world. This simply means some guys have less sperm than others. If that bothers you, consider a natural semen volume enhancer. We’d try Semenax, because it’s formulated with a very sperm friendly dose of zinc oxide, for sperm health and quality. Bonus: a longer orgasm!