You know you’re a horn dog when you insist on filming your escapades in High Def, with your 3D camera and cell phone as back up.

Ok that might be a stretch. But not by much. A new poll by Playboy suggests that Americans like a little technology in the bedroom, or the kitchen, or where ever they’re doing it. Over a quarter of men polled say they’ve filmed themselves nude. And almost as many women have done the same.

What’s more, 16% of adults have used their cell phones for ‘sexting’. That’s cyberspeak for sending naughty messages or pictures to a partner, for us luddites.

View the poll results here.

And further proof that all isn’t rosy in the state of things kinky: 17% of men and 15% of women have answered their phone during sex!

Ok, time out. That is so not right. The bedroom’s made for passion, folks. If something’s not working, get yourself some VigRX Plus or Semenax. Believe us when we say that either product will have you going all night. And she’ll be screaming for more.

We like that people are getting naughty though, and they’re going digital to do it.

Just remember to watch your online presence. We’re the first to admit that in the heat of the moment, and you’re feeling amorous, NOTHING can stand in the way of you and your partner.

But in this age of digital communications and the global nature of video, remember one thing. Once it’s online, it’s out of your hands. Pictures get shared, and videos go viral. Whether you want that or not.

Don’t mistake caution for abstinence. Look around you. This website wouldn’t exist if guys didn’t want sex! For that matter, life wouldn’t go on either. Darwin and God both thank you for doing your part.

Male sexual enhancement is about respect, for yourself and your partner. Post your movies on the internet and it’s there forever. And when employers and dates Google us, guess what pops up? Your penis, on video.

Get kinky. Spice things up with sexy movies. Just keep them private. Manage your reputation online…or someone else will do it for you.