Now here’s an argument for gun control if there ever was one – as in, don’t let anyone with an IQ under 30 within a ten mile radius of a gun.

Duh, is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

This story is just too classy to pass up.

This week, a 27-year old man in Chandler, Arizona made a quick dash to the grocery store. But he made the unwise decision to tuck his girlfriend’s gun, a pink pistol, in the waist of his pants. And KABLAM!!! He shoots his penis.

For your amusement, enjoy the video.

What’s a pink pistol? We have no clue, but he’s not feelin’ too keen at the moment, with his bullet-pierced member and a tsunami of scorn across the internet and around the country. We’re not laughing with you buddy, we’re laughing at you.

We’re not mean people here, but dude, walk around with a loaded gun and you put people at risk. There’s only one loaded gun meant for your pants, and believe us, it ain’t the kind that has this Rhodes Scholar sitting in the infirmary with a hole in his Johnson, and his leg.

He’s also looking at criminal charges when he gets out. Very nice.

The video’s made even better by the reporter, who nonchalantly trots around the parking lot, walks up to random guys and asks what they think of a guy who shoots himself in his penis.

For the record, male enhancement can do many things, change lives, and make you more comfortable with your manhood and what you have to offer your lover. But if you insist on packing the wrong kind of heat, at least consider kevlar.