There’s a simple rule that will see you far in life: you reap what you sow.

Why is it that people stumble with this concept? If you’re a good man, treat others with respect and do your part for good karma, it’ll come back to you. And if you’re not? Ummmm…

Seems that women really don’t like it when guys try to rape them. Does the name Lorena Bobbitt ring any bells?Karma and the penis make an interesting combination

Rape is a serious topic, and one that we’d generally avoid. But in this case, the outcome is just so darn…well, karma-ish.

Let’s recap. A Bangladeshi man harasses a woman for six months. They’re both married. She’s got three kids, he’s got five.

One night he tries to rape her. Then she cuts off his penis and wraps it up as evidence. He presumably goes into shock. Now he’s sitting in hospital, less-than-complete and facing criminal charges once he gets better. And Bangladeshi women now have a cult hero, and could be sharpening their knives at this very moment, to rise up when least expected.

And wow, how’d you like to be in court when the prosecutor whips out that guy’s severed penis as, er, “evidence”? All the male enhancement in the world can’t help that guy.

Is there a lesson here? You bet your attached and fully functional male anatomy there is…Karma…don’t mess with it. Be good to people, men and women. Pay your taxes and eat your vitamins. And if a woman tells you she’s not interested, for the love of your penis, move on.