X4ExtenderJelqing is simply the repetitive stretching out, ‘milking’, massage, and among enlargement exercises of the penis aimed to increase its size and improve its hardness in its erect state. This is to exercise the muscle tissues and arteries of the penis so that because of the repetitive stress put to the arteries, the natural limit of the penis arteries will expand to accommodate more and more blood, thus making the penis larger and more turgid.

Also, with regular massaging or exercise of the penis muscles, as when you work out, the penis muscles will also develop or expand. In the process, the penis will engorge. If done on a regular basis, it will definitely bring positive results.

Penis enlargement exercises like jelqing should only be done on a semi-tumescent or half-erect penis. You could never do it on a penis at a flaccid state or penis at a relaxed state. Never do such enlargement exercises on a fully erect penis as you may damage the erectile tissues of the penis. A semi-tumescent penis is poised correctly and allows a good circulation of blood. Simply speaking, you could not push more blood to the arteries and corpura cavernosa when it is already full with blood.

Step by step instructions on doing Jelqing

Step 1: Apply Lubricant to your Penis and Hands

You do not want a sore and bruised penis during or after jelqing, right? So use a lubricant of your choice. You may use lotion or water based lubricants, but these wear off easily, so you need to replenish them constantly. This would be cumbersome and a little costly. Baby oil or virgin coconut oil would have an advantage in this sense. It lasts long and its being slippery is just enough. It also ‘adds’ more sensation thus maintaining the semi-erect state of the penis because of its ‘warmth’ and texture. Make sure your penis and hands are well-lubricated for a smooth and more productive action.

Step 2: Stimulate Your Penis to Half-Erect State

This is the most crucial part of jelqing. You should stimulate your penis to only semi-tumescent or half-erection state. As you could not jelq a flaccid penis, you NEVER jelq a fully erect penis. If you jelq a fully erect penis, your penis is in danger of damaging the erectile tissues. In a fully erect state, the penis is filled with blood and there is no extra room in the arteries as you pump the blood into them. If your bird gets uncontrollably angry, stop jelqing and wait till the feeling subsides and the penis gets back to its semi-tumescent state. Do not ejaculate! If the desire gets very strong, stop jelqing and wait till the desire subsides.

If with slight stimulation your penis gets fully erect and have uncontrollable desire to ejaculate, you have poor control over your erectile tissues. You might want to do more warm up exercises to ‘train’ your penis control. You can also imagine the end result of your efforts, or divert your mind into other things while your hands are doing the dirty pleasurable job.

Step 3: Hold your Penis Firmly but Gently

Hold your penis at the base using your thumb and index/pointer finger of either your left or right hand. If it looks like you are giving an “OK” sign around you penis, it is really okay now. Make sure that your penis is properly engulfed and there should be no air spaces left. This is to facilitate even ‘massage’ to all parts of the penis body, so that all the spaces available will be filled with blood.

Step 4: Jelq!

Now that you are in position, gently squeeze your penis with your hand holding your penis. Move upwards slowly as to pump the blood to the arteries of the penis. Move all the way up to the base of the penis head, then let go.

Never jelq the head of your penis! The head of your penis is a sensitive area. The tissues may be damaged or it may be deformed. Moreover, what we aim in jelqing is to enlarge and elongate the copus cavernosa, or the erectile tissues which hold the blood in the penis in its erect state.

Step 5: Jelq and Jelq!

As soon as you let go, your other hand should be prepared and doing the ok sign at the base of your penis. Then, repeat the action of the first hand you used. Do this alternately for 150 X for 15 to 30 minutes. The normal number of jelqs per day ranges from 100 to 200 jelqs a day. For a beginner, however, I suggest that you do not exceed 100 jelqs on the first day. For the first weeks, 150 jelqs is a good number. Add up the number as you go along with the exercise.

Step 6: Jelq Down…

Of course, you have to stop. Do not be carried away or be an exercise maniac. When you are done with the jelq proper, it is time to cool down. Just like a warm up, you SHOULD NOT stop abruptly. You need a transition time to ease and relax your tool from heavy workout. The blood circulation should naturally slow down and your penis muscles and tissues should relax gradually. This is to avoid cramps and other dangers, such as tissue damage due to abrupt absence of pressure.

To jelq down, do the warming up instructions mentioned above. You may use the hot towel technique or the hot bath. You may also lessen the number of time you wrap your penis with hot towel. Apply only the cloth with tolerable heat. Do not apply too much heat. After you cooled down, you must have a fair amount of time to rest. If you prefer

Other Jelqing Techniques When You Get Bored of the Basics

Here we will discuss the most popular and deemed to be much more effective methods of jelqing. Choose the method of your won, or you may make your own combinations, provided that you understand the basic principles of each method, and as importantly, you should learn how to do them properly.

The V-Jelq

This method is so called V-Jelq because it is done by separating the middle and the ring finger (or the middle and the pointer finger) to form a V. This method rubs the sides of the penis rather than the top and bottom. This could also be done by stretching the penis from left to right. This apparently flexes the penis muscles and help in straightening the penis by giving it even flexes to both directions.

The Ultra Stretch Technique

In the Ultra Stretch Technique, the penis is jelqed in the same manner, but in this case, it involves gripping and pulling the undersides of the testicles while doing the jelq. By constant gripping and pulling, the skin between the penis and the testicles would just be stretched and the testicles would have a more “hang” look. Additionally, this testicle exercise brings about good testosterone growth and develops more sperms.