With the proliferation of online porn, numerous studies on sex addiction and one in two American marriages ending in divorce, lately I’ve been pondering this question:

Is sex evil?

Case in point. A recent survey conducted by researchers in New Zealand of 600 people who engaged in “compulsive sexual behaviour” concluded that sex addicts have problems with intimacy.

Here’s the link: http://www.canada.com/health/addicts+fear+intimacy+Study/3993683/story.html

We’ve all heard the consequences of Tiger Woods’ extracurricular activities with the ladies. Once he was happily married. Now he’s lost endorsements, divorced and he’s bouncing around, from woman to woman.

Ok, so it’s hard to feel bad for a billionaire sex addict. But I was raised with a strict Christian upbringing and set of values. The message of which was clear: sex is for marriage only.

Of course, every summer we’d go to church camp, and despite what our counsellors preached, you know what we were doing in the cabins at night!

So…we hear about how porn and sex addiction lead to intimacy issues. We’ve heard how the world’s religions have strict guidelines prohibiting sex outside the boundaries of marriage.

Sex is a contentious and potentially thorny issue.

Is sex evil?

I don’t think it is. But there’s a reason why everyone’s got an opinion.

If guys were running around and doing everything in sight, we’d have anarchy. Unplanned pregnancies, diseases, crimes and social problems galore.

I’ve heard it said by my childhood doctor that pornography kills the soul.

While it’s safe to say that many of us learned the joys of “self-pleasuring” with a flashlight and a copy of Playboy, and masturbation does indeed have health benefits, locking yourself in your apartment with nachos and an unlimited plethora of porn probably isn’t the best of ideas, for you or society.

Ask yourself this. Is porn, or self pleasure, or your sexual method of choice preventing you from achieving your goals, living a rewarding life or preventing you from a healthy, meaningful relationship?

If yes, maybe it’s time to tone it down a bit.

This is where male enhancement comes in.

In order to feel good about your manhood, to please your partner and to be confident in your ability to be a good lover, you’ve got to be happy with your goods.

Forget spam emails and late night TV informercials. I’m talking about male enhancement as a means to address how you feel about you.

You’re not evil for liking sex, or if you masturbate or watch porn online. You’re not a bad guy if you need a little help downstairs.

Male enhancement is about giving guys the means to lead healthy, active sex lives. And in the end, that’s what really counts.