ProenhanceNatural male enhancement pills are not just for men who have problems getting an erection, although they can help in such cases. There are a lot of men who enjoy the benefit of these supplements that never have arousal problems. This fact should serve take some of the psychological pressure off those who feel uncomfortable buying or getting caught taking these pills. Whether you need them or just want them, there is no reason to feel embarrassed or guilty about using male enhancement supplements. However, there are a few things those who are contemplating using these products need to know. Read on to learn more about erection enhancement pills.

How Do Male Enhancement Products Work?

Of course, there is a science behind every supplement on the market, whether proved by scientific research or not. As male enhancement pills are often medically prescribed, there are a lot of reports and studies about them published in academic journals. Both over-the-counter, natural male enhancement pills and prescription male enhancement pills contain ingredients which improve blood circulation. Those ingredients vary across supplements. This increased circulation causes arousal in the penis. The blood vessels in that area expand, making way for a sexual experience that is very enjoyable.


The major benefit of all male enhancement supplements is that they cause arousal. That is a very big deal to men who find themselves suffering with erectile dysfunction. They are finally able to get an erection again and this helps them regain confidence, restore or save their relationships, and puts zest back in their lives. These pills also improve sexual stamina, urinary flow, the production of semen, and even orgasm intensity. The various benefits the men experience can result in increased satisfaction for their mates.

Natural male enhancement pills have several additional benefits that go beyond that of the prescribed versions. Since they are all-natural there are less side effects. Plus, they are easier to buy, as there is no prescription needed. They cost less and are more affordable overall because they do not require covering the high cost of a visit to the doctor. Natural enhancement supplements can easily be purchased online and are shipped directly to the customer discretely packaged.


While most of the natural pills come with no side effects at all, the prescription drugs used for sexual enhancement in men often come with several very severe side effects, including major health issues like hearing loss, vision loss, heart attacks, and stroke. There are many milder negative effects experienced by users of these drugs, such as nausea, headache, vomiting, nasal congestion, upset stomach, dizziness, and facial flush. Some may consider what they might have to suffer through with these prescription drugs to be worth the risk, but others simply turn to natural male enhancement pills instead.

Types of Pills

There are a number of prescription male enhancement pills. Some of them, like Viagra, are very well known while others less recognized. Viagra is known to give erections that can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours, but it can cause a lot of health problems, especially for men with heart problems. Another enhancement drug is called Levitra. It increases blood flow in the genitals, but causes a negative reaction when mixed with several other commonly prescribed drugs. There is Cialis, which has been advertised heavily in major media. It helps those with erectile dysfunction get an erection by increasing blood flow, but does not mix well with other drugs and comes with several side effects.

The list of natural male enhancement pills is very long. It is a competitive market for business, creating a wide variety of choices for consumers. There are some very great penis enhancement supplements available, and some to be avoided. It seems like every day there are some getting banned, some new ones appearing, and others that continue to grow in impressive reputation. Shoppers must take the time to research the natural pills carefully before deciding whether to try them out or not. In order to enjoy all the potential benefits with none of the downsides, always choose a natural erection pill that has been thoroughly reviewed by actual users and is well established as effective, natural, and safe.


When using either a prescription strength medication or natural male enhancement supplement, it is always important to first read the directions. This is true even for those who switch between brands and are experienced with the way the pills work. There is no one standard set of rules that encompass every guideline needed for using the various erection remedies. Things to be noted when reading the labels, if the information is given, include dosage size, dosage frequency, average length of time erections last while using the product, warnings, and time it usually takes for the medicine to start working. Some men have encountered embarrassing situations with their partners when they purchased a new sexual enhancement supplement and ran to the bedroom, thinking the pill would begin to work immediately, only to discover they had to take a dose 30 minutes to an hour before sexual activity.

Are Male Enhancement Pills Sexy?

Some men feel uncomfortable letting their partners know they have to take pills to get aroused, worried that it will kill the mood. Some women consider the natural male enhancement pills their men take the best thing that has ever happened to them. The sexiness of arousal pills depends on the person and often how the whole idea is presented. There are many happy couples enjoying a renewed sex life thanks to these supplements.

Men who have heart problems, take other prescription medications, or simply want to avoid all the negative side effects that come with doctor prescribed sexual enhancement drugs should opt for the natural alternative. This allows them to enjoy sex and erections again without the high costs or traumatizing health problems. The lower costs, zero side effects, longer erections, increased sexual stamina and other benefits that can be had from natural male enhancement pills make them a great choice.