If you got it, flaunt it. And if there’s a hurricane brewin’, even better.

We can only assume that’s the rationale behind this cool guy, who braved the recent winds that were Hurricane Irene to show the world what’s what with the state of his Johnson.

We got us a storm streaker folks, hurricanes be damned!

Did ya here that Irene? Stick it!

We’re kidding of course. As the blog mentions, hurricanes aren’t the funniest things in the world. They cause death and misery. Just look at Hurricane Katrina.

And therefore, what better opportunity to share yourself with the world? Well, as far as this guy is concerned, a televised opportunity, for the world to see your manhood, and that damn it, he’s proud of it.

Male enhancement is a serious topic, and so are natural disasters. But this guy is just…so…awesome.

Click here to watch the video, and enjoy the reporter as he tries to remain focussed. We think he’s actually trying to strain his laughter, which, believe us, the world needs.

And to the streaker, us to you, words cannot describe how incredibly awesome you really are.