Would you slice your penis open with a scalpel?

Us neither. How about an injection, right down your Johnson? Ouch. We’re constantly amazed at the contraptions and torture-devices that people come up with to make their penis bigger and to, among other things, treat erectile dysfunction.

Let’s look closer at the painful, distorted and occasionally laughable ways that some people try to get wood. And no worries, while these are funny, we recognize that ED is a serious issue and we’ll present a less painful and much more effective solution:

Pharmaceutical pills – Viagra, Levitra and Cialis work, but at what cost? Do you feel like paying $20 for a pill with risks including headaches, blurry vision and occasionally permanent hearing loss? Knock yourself out.

Injections – OUCH!!

Suppositories – Double Ouch!! This is like steroids for your penis. We’re not big on medications for your hard-on, especially when there’s a safer and more effective way to get one. Details forthcoming, but next, let’s look at…

Pumps – Yeah baby!! Think of Austin Powers and start pumpin’, penis pumps are one of the less painful, and ok, we admit, curiously arousing ways to get wood. They work temporarily though, so have it close by…and hope your lady is into penis pumps. Kinda hard not to break out laughing actually.

Cock rings – These restrict blood flow from leaving the penis once you’ve got an erection, which works in theory. So pump away with your penis pump, and slip that cock ring on and you’re set for love. Groovy.

Implants – We’ve written about penis enlargement surgery extensively on this website and we’re against it, because the risks just aren’t worth the measly inch that you’ll add if you’re lucky. And we’re really not big on scalpels near the numerous tissues, ligaments and blood vessels that constitute the penis.

Surgery – See above. There is no need for penis surgery, especially considering that a) some surgeons use treated cadaver tissue in the procedure (gee, wonder if the dead guy would mind?) and b) there’s an easier, cheaper, less painful, far more effective and more enjoyable way to treat erectile dysfunction.

Here it is. This is where we tell you how you SHOULD treat erectile dysfunction. Ready?

VigRX Plus.