Oh my God, you’re gonna love this one.

How’d you like to join the Mile High Club?

We’re not talking about real estate in Denver. The Mile High Club is an exclusive membership that, if you’ve heard of it before, you know it holds some serious prestige. And if you still don’t know what I’m talking about, observe and enjoy:


I really cannot get enough of that high-brow British humor. Such dry, yet informative delivery. Classic!

Hold on now. I’m not suggesting get naked and do your thing in the middle of a crowded plane. A little tact goes a long way (to say nothing about the FAA paying you a little visit when you land!).

But what I am saying is that, if you can pull it off, why the heck not?

One of the biggest killers of men’s libido is routine.

Sex is fun and beneficial in so many ways. But it’s more fun when you run the risk of getting caught.

Common sense goes a long way, as does consideration for other people’s safety. Having sex when driving a car, for example, is a dumb idea.

But if the car is parked…

Don’t do it if there are families or kids around, obviously. I wouldn’t do it if anyone’s around, quite frankly, because there’s a fine line between what’s sexy and what’s just morally uncouth.

To illustrate this point, here’s another link for your consideration, particularly if you’ve ever been tempted to have sex under a crane:


For liability purposes, I also want to stress that I don’t condone sex in public, which is tacky and can lead to anything from charges of indecent exposure to public indecency.

However, I do advocate getting out there and spicing up your sex life with fun, healthy and – in certain cases – slightly risky sex.

Male enhancement is about giving you a penis that you’re proud of and feeling confident, as a man, that you can perform sexually.

But it’s also about changing routines, spicing things up, living a little.

Google ‘how to have great sex’, or even scan the covers of the women’s magazines in your grocery store check-out aisle and you glimpse just how important of an issue sex is for so many people.

In fact, try to find a women’s beauty or lifestyle magazine that doesn’t have at least one article on sex or relationships.

Guys don’t have as many resources. That’s one of the reasons you’re on this blog.

So if you’re happy with your penis size, and you’re looking for a sexy, fun, and, yes, risky element to make your day a little brighter (and hers to), grab her hand and make a strategically timed dash to the lavatory!

Just don’t do it after they’ve served post-dinner tea.