Research indicates the fact that the size of the penis does not matter. Although this is true to some extent, it is highly disputed by some men. Only few of them gather sufficient courage to discuss their small penis. Some women say size is not a problem. A man needs some skills. The solution depends in utilizing male enlargement methods together with the sexual techniques. Penis enlargement can be an appropriate deal. A person does not need penis pumps or penis extenders, but can apply enlargement methods in private with the help of hands. The methods are worth your effort and will make your lover yearning for more and more.

Some Of The Best Male Enlargement Methods

There are several enlargement methods that can help boost a man in moving closer to the point. The methods include:


This is a commonly utilized male enlargement exercise. A man should purchase special equipment that will enable the creation of a partial vacuum round the penis. As a result, it improves flow of blood to the penis, and momentarily enlarges the penis. In fact, from the past research, pumping has led to permanent but small increases in the penis size.

Weight Training

Stretchers and weights are capable of assisting in the growth of the penis. When continuous tension is applied, it leads to cellular growth and renewal of the penis muscles. The cells start to swell leading to mass increase. Thanks to the online media because it has availed penile weights. The weights are of different kinds and, therefore, it is up to the user to read the product reviews and choose the appropriate penile weight.

Using Pills

The use of penis enlargement pills should be considered as the last option – when the methods have failed to work. However, it is good to first consult your doctor for advice on the right drugs or pills.

Natural Enlargement

We have some male enlargement methods that do not need any specific equipment. These methods are very popular and include jelqing, ballooning and taking the penis head by hand.

Jelqing method is commonly known as milking. It is one of the very effective natural methods. If the penis is fully erect, it may be injured very easily. Therefore, it is advisable to begin by ensuring that the penis is just 70-80 percent erect. Some jelly is applied on the penis. Using your thumb and forefinger, start with the base of the penis and apply some pressure while pulling down along the length of the shaft to the penis’ head.

Stoppages can be made at the head and hands switched. Each stroke normally takes about three seconds. From experience, it has shown that one can start with about 100 jelqing strokes and then proceed to even 500 in a month. The trick is to avoid overdoing it. Otherwise, this method is very effective.

Also, ballooning is one of the methods that is opposed to the normal nature of a man and as a result, difficult to master. It is another natural male enlargement technique whose benefits are many. The main aim of ballooning is to prevent premature ejaculation issues and increase the penis strength. However, stopping premature ejaculation causes some men to have a feeling that they are extremely not satisfied.

Ballooning is performed in a simple manner. It takes a lot of commitment, sounds awkward but it really works. It starts with the practice of preventing ejaculation while in the sexual activity. Just place your palm on the penis’ glans during orgasm so that ejaculation can be prevented. A continuous practice enables the penis muscles to grow frequently. The spongy tissues stretch and expand with time. 1-3 inch penis growth can be achieved by use of this technique.

Taking the penis by its head is another productive male enlargement method. By taking the penis by its head and stretching it in various directions for a number of seconds, some enlargement can be achieved. However, this process may be painful and, therefore, requires some oils for massage.

Effectiveness Of Enlargement Methods

Male enlargement methods, if done properly, will culminate in a lot of effectiveness. Effective methods are those targeting to open the spongy tissues in order to improve the capacity to absorb blood that is responsible for hard erections. This makes your penis to enlarge when erect and will remain bigger in its flaccid condition. The penis does not have muscles like the rest of the body and that means that not all muscles can be effective for the enlargement methods.

Safety during Penis Enlargement

A lot of safety should be observed when applying male enlargement methods. If things are not done properly, there are chances of injuring your penis. Rough and unregulated methods are capable of causing the ligaments in your penis to become delicate. Use a suitable lubricant in order to avoid damage to the skin due to friction. The methods on penis enlargement actually resemble masturbation and a man may ejaculate in the processes. In case of ejaculation, take some rest before resuming.

The Tips to Use in Male Enlargement Methods

Warm up the penis

The penis should be warmed up before male enlargement is initiated. This can be done by soaking a towel in warm water and then use the same towel for wrapping the penis for some few minutes before the enlargement process starts.

Lubricate the Penis

Penis lubrication is very crucial during enlargement procedures. There are several body oils available for these purposes.

Utilize a Penis Growth Chart to Monitor Your Progress

A chart helps in recording progressive increases in penis length. When progress is monitored, it keeps one encouraged to go to greater heights. This goes a long way in clearing any doubts in a man.

Success will depend on your effort in applying the enlargement methods in the right way. There are free online lessons from different internet sources that can help in offering training. A man simply needs some privacy while trying this out. The methods are affordable because there is little money that is spent. Maybe the only amount of money a man would need is for buying demonstration manuals or videos.