Penis Enlargement: Does It Really Work — And If So, HOW?

Since the beginning of time, a large penis has been a sign of virility, stature, and manhood.

Early cave paintings feature hunters with enormous penises, holding spears and commanding both women and animals. Italian frescoes from the first century AD depict men wielding magnificent members standing proud and looking powerful.

Sure, the ancient Greeks liked ‘em small… but history has yet to prove that they’re not the only ones.

The truth is, everybody likes a big penis. Every man wants one; every woman wants to be with one. And as any man who has had to live with a small penis knows, life without a large penis can be very difficult indeed.

The good news is that in our scientifically advanced times, you really don’t have to live with a small penis anymore.

New Advancements in Ancient Remedies

The ancients knew the importance of virility and manhood, and from this unchanging beginning comes a wealth of knowledge about herbs, potions, and remedies that can help men achieve larger penis size and better sexual performance.

Of course, science has come a long way over the decades and centuries, and our remedies for male enhancement have been revolutionized and fine-tuned in that time. And while our modern approach draws in part on ancient remedies (from Chinese medicine, for example), a great deal has been learned over the past decade or two in particular, as men’s sexual health and penis size problems are now more openly addressed than ever before.

There are a number of highly effective remedies these days available to any man who feels that his penis size or the hardness of his erections is inadequate. Let’s look at each remedy in detail.

Remedy #1: Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement pills have existed for many years now, and can be a highly effective method of increasing penis size and virility.

Unfortunately, over the years a number of opportunistic, fly-by-night groups have tried selling phony pills that basically amount to no more than sugar pills with a few fancy-sounding ingredients in minute quantities to unsuspecting customers. This counterfeit practice casts doubt upon an entire industry, which is a real shame for those legitimate companies who offer scientifically formulated remedies to help men live better lives.

The way around the problem is simply to do your homework — there are good, legitimate companies out there selling high-quality male enhancement pill products that are effective and safe (like VigRX Plus and ProSolution Pills).

These pills work by increasing the volume and intensity of blood flow to the penis, resulting in bigger, harder, and longer-lasting erections.

Over time, the velocity of blood flow to the penis stretches out the corpus cavernosa (the chambers of the penis that fill with blood), making your penis longer and wider.

Thousands of men around the world have experienced excellent results with products like VigRX Plus and ProSolution Pills. Of course, you do need to be realistic about your results — don’t expect to see more than a two- to three-inch gain in the length of your penis (your girth will increase as well).

Remedy #2: Male Enhancement Oils And Gels

Penis oil and gels are another male enhancement technique worth consideration. You might think of these more as a female lubricant or as something you’d use during foreplay more than a proven male enhancement method.

While it’s certainly true that oils and gels are good fun between you and your partner during sex, they’re also an effective way to get an erection fast.

Oils and gels have a high absorption rate, meaning that most of the ingredients are absorbed directly by the penis (up 95% of the ingredients, while the penis might only absorb five per cent of pill nutrients). What’s more, once applied, an oil or gel produces an erection in less than a minute. No extended waiting period like with Viagra or other enhancement methods. Just apply the product, and Wham-O! You’re good to go.

The real benefit of oils and gels comes with repeated use. While they’re generally not known for adding size, oils and gels infuse the penis with natural ingredients that produce a hard and long-lasting erection. With enough use, you get more control of your erection and ejaculation.

I’ve tried many oils and gels and I have to say I like VigRX Oil the best, followed by ProSolution Gel.

Remedy #3: Male Enhancement Volume Pills

Another enhancement method that you might associate with boosting fertility. This is certainly true. Semen volume enhancers boost sperm count and quality. They also increase load and benefit overall sexual health.

An increased semen load, by the way, translates into a longer orgasm.

With semen volume enhancers you’ll find a variety of products that claim to have a particular selling point. Some companies will say they’ll give you massive cum loads, while others say they’re good for the male reproductive system. The truth is, a semen volume enhancer should do both of these things and increase the efficiency of the muscles involved in the orgasm process.

Semen volume enhancers are made of natural ingredients proven to boost quality and quantity of your sperm. They don’t come with the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, and this makes them ideal for men looking to conceive.

Semenax gets my vote for the best overall semen volume enhancer.

Remedy #4: Male Enhancement Exercises

Male enhancement exercises are another remedy that has been used around the world for many years. It’s a highly effective form of penis enlargement that is widely acclaimed as a sure-fire technique that gets real results.

In fact, the real secret is actually to combine techniques. When you use a powerful male enhancement pill and combine that with an expertly created male enhancement exercise routine, you will see the biggest and fastest gains in penis length, girth, and strength of your erections. You can also learn to control your climax using this method.

Again, though, not all male enhancement exercises are created equal. Some of them can be downright dangerous, so it’s extremely important that you find a program that is the leader in the industry. You do NOT want to cause injury to your penis!

Remember that with the delicate tissues, membranes, and ligaments of the penis, any damage you cause through misguided exercises can be permanent.

Look for an exercise program that’s created by a legitimate expert (not someone who just claims to be an expert). Also try to find a program that is based upon solid fitness principles and isn’t just the age-old experiment of tying weights to the end of your penis and other such painful and torturous techniques!

A program like the one at Erection Fitness is an excellent option because it is based on a solid, medically approved exercise regimen derived from the rehabilitative exercise therapies for injured soldiers after World War II. The science behind this technique is the same science used by bodybuilders to break through fitness plateaus and achieve those spectacular feats of muscle growth and sculpting.

Remedy #5: Male Enhancement Extenders

A final technique for male enhancement is to use an extender device. Typically, these devices use a form of traction to apply pressure to the shaft of the penis and force expansion of the corpus cavernosa (so that they can fill with more blood and create a larger erection). The traction also forces the cells of the penis to multiply and expand the penile tissue — which means that your penis is actually growing.

The benefit of using an extender device is that it’s relatively hands-free. You can simply put it on and leave it (but make sure you monitor how your penis is doing!) — as opposed to an exercise program, which requires a little more work.

A good extender device should be comfortable to wear. Some of them can be worn under your clothing for the entire length of the day!

A poorly made extender device can cause damage to your penis by pulling too hard on the ligaments and tissues, causing bruising or even tearing of this delicate tissue. Plus, a cheap or badly made device will be uncomfortable to wear, and will likely result in little to no improvement in penis size.

Look for a manufacturer with a solid reputation and plenty of happy customers (like ProExtender System). This is one area where you don’t want to just go for the cheapest option!

All of these male enhancement approaches have their benefits and drawbacks and all of them can be very effective in helping you achieve your male enhancement goals. You will need to decide for yourself which method will work best for you.

Do you mind taking a little pill each day? If not, then try an all-natural male enhancement supplement like VigRX Plus. If you’re looking to extend your orgasms or you’re trying for a baby, Semenax is a good way to go.

Can you commit to doing a daily exercise routine for male enhancement? If so, combine it with your pill or gel and use a highly acclaimed program like Erection Fitness. If you think a daily program is too much for you, consider the discrete and relatively hands-free option of using an extender device like ProExtender System.

With all of these options at your disposal and these reputable companies offering top-of-the-line products, you have nothing to lose — and inches to gain!