Here’s a question that always pops up whenever male enhancement weaves its way into a conversation.

How big can you really get?

I’ve heard this one so many times I’ve lost count. Followed by β€œCan you really make your penis bigger?”.

Portrayals of male enhancement and penis enlargement in the media don’t help. Mention a nine-inch penis and most people think of Ron Jeremy, 70′s porn icon, reality TV contestant and owner of a penis so large he can perform self-fellatio (which actually sounds quite useful…).

Seriously though, let’s answer the second question first. Can you really make your penis bigger? Yes you can.

There, I said it, done. Cool?

Now the first question. How big can you get?

The largest penis in history was just over two feet long. You can mention that when you require useless trivia to amaze people at cocktail parties.

Wow…how would that fit in a pair of jeans?

Okay, back to the subject. How big?

Results vary according to the method used, duration, and you.

There are documented cases of guys adding four inches and more to their penis.

Having said that, four inches is probably setting your target a little high.

A more effective approach might be to study up on enlargement techniques. Then, like any good gym regimen, you give it a shot, see it through, and stick with it for the duration. Even when you get discouraged.

If you’re new to male enhancement, attracted by the promise of making your penis bigger, I’d set your sights at two inches. Anything after that is gravy.

The male enhancement industry offers a variety of enlargement products. For the newbie, I’d recommend a good penis exercise system. Kinda like Erection Fitness.

Why exercises? Because you can effectively track your progress every day, and because it you’re new to penis enlargement, more than likely you’ve got the energy and tenacity to go the distance with the whole program.

That’s not to say that some extenders and penis pills aren’t effective – ProExtender System and VigRX Plus get my vote in this regard – but for someone with no experience I’d go with exercises

And as I said earlier, I’d aim for two inches.

Be sure to use a safe and effective exercise program. I like Erection Fitness because it walks you through the entire process, with daily logs, and it only uses safe and proven exercises.

Plus with Erection Fitness you also get a month’s supply of VigRX Plus and VigRX Oil, the most effective penis pills and topical cream on the market. All for $97. That rocks.

Give Erection Fitness a shot. Follow the instructions and rest when needed. Then sit back and enjoy the ride.