We’ve talked about jelquing. We’ve covered penis exercises. But don’t neglect the other muscles and body parts that make sex all it can be.

We’re talking about Gym Moves For the Bedroom, to work the muscles for an orgasm (or several) to die for.

Sex uses a variety of small muscles that you might otherwise neglect in your routine huff n’ puff at the gym. Yes, we all want to bench press the world, but there’s a whole lot of smaller muscles that enhance sex, and will have you going longer and harder than you dare imagine. Oh yeah, we like it already! Wanna be a fit super-stud in the bedroom? Work these in your routine:

Jumping Jacks – You know how these ones go. Stand with your feet together and arms by your sides. Raise your hands above your head and jump high enough to kick your feet apart. Then quickly go back to the starting position. Repeat. Works your calves, glutes and quadriceps.

Low Side-to-Side Lunge – Stand with your feet about twice your shoulder width apart. Point your feet forward and press your palms together, in front of your chest. Shift your body over to your right leg and push your hips backward. Then drop your hips and bend your knees. Your lower right leg should be almost perpendicular to the floor. Your left foot should be flat on the floor and your left leg should be straight. Now reverse the movement to the left without standing up.

Hinge – Kneel on your knees with your hands by your sides. Don’t lean back and sit on your heels. Your back should be straight with your knees at a 90 degree angle. Are your head and spine in line with your thighs? Lean back a few inches and hold for three seconds. Go back to the start position.

Lower-Back Lie-Down – Lie on your back with your legs bent and your feet kept flat on the floor. Hold on to your legs just behind the knees. Slowly pull your knees toward your chest, while keeping your back flat on the floor. Hold your knees by your chest for two to three seconds, then slowly release.

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