In modern society, people believe that it is better for men to have a bigger penis. It is related to sexual activity. Those who have a big penis are considered to have increased level of sexuality. Therefore, men are trying to enhance the size of their penis. Today, there are several kinds of male enhancement exercises. Like the medicines, there are good and harmful exercises. In order to have a bigger penis, it is better for men to do natural male enlargement exercises.

Before men know some exercises to enlarge their penis, it is wiser for them to understand the basic theory behind the enhancement process. Actually, the penis is not regarded as a muscle. However, the size of the penis can be changed. Similar to the muscle, the penis can get certain exercises to increase the length and girth. In order to get a bigger penis, the exercise should be able to force blood to flow to the penis. Through the blood, some additional nutrients are provided for the penis. Besides the blood tissue and vessel within will be enlarged as well. Over the time, the penis can be increased permanently when they do the regular exercise.

Instead of uncertain consuming medicines, doing natural male enhancement exercises is well-recommended. Besides they are safe for overall health, their exercise can be carried out in their own house. Some natural male enlargement exercises are:


Historically, jelqing is a penis exercise which is originally coming from the Middle East. Thousands years ago, people in the Middle East taught their son how to do the jelqing male enhancement exercise. For the Middle East society, this exercise is a rite to prepare for sexual relationship. For the times being, it has been known as one of the best exercises to enlarge and lengthen the penis. This exercise needs lubrication which has to be applied in the penis. When men have applied the lubrication into their penis, the penis is ready to squeeze using their thumb and forefinger forming the “okay” sign. Then, they pull their thumb and forefinger down. They need to repeat for several times. For beginners, it is suggestion to repeat till 100 strokes. The most important thing is that they must not do this exercise when the penis is completely erect. If the penis is erect completely, the injury might occur.


Ballooning is simpler than jelqing. This is considered as one of the effective male enhancement exercises nowadays. This technique is using the urge to ejaculate. This exercise works to increase the size of penis by holding their palm over the head of their penis firmly. Repetition is carried out in order to that they feel ejaculation. However, they have to stop when it is about to ejaculate. By this technique, the tissue inside will be stretched regularly. As the result, the size of their penis increases. Besides increasing the size of penis, it has been reported that ballooning also improves the hardness of the penis. In addition, the penis will stay at its max in longer period as well. Another benefit of this exercise is that men will obtain better stamina in sexual relationship.


Another effective male enhancement exercise is stretching. This technique can only be implemented when the penis is not erect. In this exercise, men will be asked to grab their flaccid penis around the head. The next procedure is pulling it forward slightly until they feel that their penis has been stretched in the maximum limit. Having been stretched, the penis should not be released. They have to wait till approximately 15 seconds. On the other side, it is suggested to shake their penis after they stretch it to make the muscle relaxed. From this fact, stretching is considered as safe male enhancement exercises to apply.


People might have already known that pumps are usual technique which is used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. In fact, this technique is also applied like the other male enhancement exercises. This exercise is able to enlarge the size of penis based on the basic theory of the enhancement exercise. By holding this exercise, men can flow the blood into the penis. This is regarded as an effective way to enlarge the penis even though the effect is very temporal. Nevertheless, warning is given to those who want to try this exercise. According to the medical research, this exercise might break the elastic tissues of their penis when they do it frequently. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that they do not do it so often.


Some men are afraid of masturbation. The information in the society is that the masturbation will make men hormone less fertile. In addition, there is assumption as well in which the masturbation can make the body weak. Actually, the information is untrue. There is no scientific proof showing that masturbation makes hormone less fertile or makes the body weak. On the other hand, masturbation is included as one of male enhancement exercises. Even, frequent masturbation without allowing ejaculation will make the size of the penis bigger quickly. This technique might be similar to ballooning. The difference is on the way to hold the penis. For better and quicker result, men should practice it with different techniques in holding the penis. Besides, they need to repeat it for several times in an hour. This technique doesn’t only enlarge their penis. It also builds their sexual stamina.

These are several male enhancement exercises. Even though it has been stated that they are natural exercises to enhance the penis, there is no scientific proof showing that they work. However, there are a lot of men who have tried the exercise. It can be a proof that the male enhancement exercise is effective way to make penis bigger. Before undergoing one of these exercises, it is better if men consult with the doctor. Moreover, they have to train cautiously in order to avoid possible injury on their penis. The best penis enhancement exercise is an exercise which makes them comfortable and doesn’t endanger themselves on the other side. Therefore, they have to pick the most comfortable exercise for them. In addition, they have to do it cautiously as well.