I saw this article today and it scares me.

Read this. Then stop and think about what it means.


I’ll give you a hint. It means we’re beyond cloning sheep. In many countries, it’s legal to select the gender of your child.

Well that’s great. I’ve always wanted a boy. Actually, I’d like to have a couple of boys, to carry my bloodline along to the future. There’s just one problem with that. What’s gonna stop other couples from doing the same thing?

It’s ridiculous to think that gender selection won’t upset the delicate balance between men and women. You’re reading this blog. I’m gonna step out on a limb here and take an educated guess that you’re a guy. You know that feeling, when you’re in a bar, and it’s a total sausage factory (aka all guys, no women)? How’d you like a world with 80% men and 20% women?

We’re on seriously dangerous ground when we talk about choosing our baby’s gender. Religious or not, you have to admit that everything happens for a reason. Evolution can be harsh, but it always has a master plan at maintaining balance and ensuring that life marches forward.

So why mess with it?

Because, as this news story outlines, some couples have problems with fertility. The gender imbalance they’re describing is a side effect of the treatment.

Let’s not be judgemental where it’s not needed. Fertility treatments have made it possible for millions of couples bring new life to this world. Without these treatments, many babies would not have been born. Fertility treatments help people. That’s a good thing.

But it’s a balancing act between could and should. If we could select our baby’s gender, the more important questions is if we should.

I for one think we should not. Call me old-fashioned, but biology’s a well-oiled machine, evolved over millions of years, and it’s got the science of mating perfected.

Granted, sometimes we need to nudge biology in our favor. You’re on a male enhancement blog. If the powers that be didn’t give you a big penis, you can have one with a little research and some time and energy on your part.

And it’s the same with fertility. I’d rather go natural. Something like Semenax, which is clinically proven to boost sperm quality and quantity and enhance overall sexual health. All this with natural ingredients used since ancient times for their potency and ability to put some jump in your trousers. I’ll take the wisdom of the ancients over labs and tubes any day.

You get to enjoy longer orgasms as a bonus. That never hurt anyone.