Question, Meet Answer.

What are penis pills?

Penis pills are stimulators that increase your penis’s ability to receive and hold blood in the corpora cavernosa. This increased blood pressure broadens the penis in width and thickness over time. Some penis pills, including VigRX™ Plus and ProSolution™ Pills also act as erectile supplements that, in addition to making the penis larger, also boost sexual function, performance and intensity.

How are penis pills different than Viagra?

While they share some of the same benefits, Viagra is usually a prescription drug, while penis pills are not. Penis pills contain natural ingredients and don’t come with the same adverse side effects you’d get with Viagra. Penis pills are generally more affordable as well.

Do I need a prescription for penis pills?

No! Because they’re made of natural ingredients, you don’t need to visit the doctor for a prescription.

Are penis pills safe?

Yes. Penis pills don’t have pharmaceutical chemicals, and come with no known side effects.

What’s in penis pills?

Penis pills contain natural ingredients that are medically proven to benefit the penile system, both for size and overall health. These ingredients include ginkgo biloba, damiana, cayenne and ginseng. VigRX™ Plus also contains Bioperene®, which boosts the absorption rate of the nutrients it’s combined with, making VigRX™ Plus even more effective than other penis pills.

How long do they take to work?

While results vary according to the quality of the product, you should begin feeling the results, in the form of erection hardness and increased stamina, within the first couple of weeks. Most men achieve the desired result of a larger erection between five and six months.

How to penis pills rate against other penis enhancement methods?

That depends on what you’re looking for. In terms of making your erection larger, provided you choose a quality product, they’re among the best. They’re certainly the most convenient method of penis enhancement, because they’ve got all the proven, natural ingredients for excellent sexual health and erection growth in one capsule.