Question, Meet Answer.

What do semen volume enhancers do?

Like their name implies, semen volume enhancers increase the volume of semen you produce, both in sperm count and overall “load”.

Who should use semen volume enhancers?

Semen volume enhancers are ideal for men looking to enhance their fertility and/or looking to boost their overall sexual health and duration of their orgasms.

Why does more semen mean a better orgasm?

The longer your muscles are contracting and the larger volume of sperm you’re producing, the more intense and longer your orgasm will be. Users of semen volume enhancers have reported orgasms lasting four to five times longer than without them.

Do they have any additional benefits?

While their primary benefit is to boost sperm count and increase volume, users of semen volume enhancers can expect a higher level of overall sexual health. Semen volume enhancers do not increase size of an erection, rather, they target the male reproductive system as a whole and raise it to peak levels. This affects ability to produce and sustain an erection, to prolong orgasms and overall fertility.

How long do they take to work?

Many users report feeling the benefits of semen volume enhancers after several days, however, the most dramatic results usually come between one and two months of use.

Are they safe?

Yes. Semen volume enhancers contain herbal extracts and amino acids and don’t come with the adverse side effects of pharmaceutical drugs like Viagra. Semen volume enhancers containing the amino acid l-arginine, such as Semenax™ usually produce the most dramatic effects. Semen volume enhancers are also safe for men who have undergone a vasectomy.