Question, Meet Answer.

How do oils and gels benefit the penis?

Penis oils and gels are the fastest-working penis enhancement methods available because, unlike pills and traction methods, they’re simply applied to the penis and testicles and go to work immediately. The user will experience a large and firm erection. With increased usage, men using oils and gels also gain increased stamina and control of their erections. This leads to greater stamina and reduces premature ejaculations.

How do they work?

Oils and gels deliver their ingredients to the penis upon application. They’re designed to increase blood flow to the penis, and hold it there, leading to a firm and sustainable erection.

What’s in them?

Oils and gels use natural ingredients that are proven to produce large erections. These ingredients include amino acids and herbal extracts such as horny goat weed, Asian ginseng and hawthorn berry. The most effective oils and gels include the amino acid l-arginine. Both VigRX™ Oil and ProSolution™ gel contain l-arginine.

Can they really make your penis bigger?

The benefits of oils and gels are suitable to men looking for a large, instant and long-lasting erection.

VigRX™ Oil is also proven to increase girth. Generally speaking, oils and gels are most effective for increasing stamina and more erection control, which benefits overall sexual health and enjoyment.

Can I use them with a condom?

Oils and gels are water-based and work fine with condoms. Some products are also edible, in the event that your partner performs oral sex on you when using oils and gels, but be sure to read the product labels first.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use them?

While oils and gels are very safe, they’re not recommended for users with sores or open legions, including herpes. Consult with your doctor if you have any concerns.