Question, Meet Answer.

Who should use a penis extender?

Any man looking to increase the size of his penis is a viable candidate to use a penis extender. They’re a proven way to add penile tissue and make the penis bigger. Penis extenders are also a good method to straighten a bent or curved penis.

Are they safe?

Penis extenders are safe, provided you follow the instructions and use a quality product made of durable, medical grade plastics and metals (to avoid getting a rash if you’re prone to allergic reactions). Do your research before you purchase a device; look for client testimonials and for a doctor-approved product, such as the ProExtender™.

How long does it take?

This depends on the user. Generally speaking, most men who use a penis extender see the most dramatic results between three to six months. Having said that, some products work faster than others. The ProExtender™, for example, has shown substantial penis growth among users in less than a month.

Is it uncomfortable?

Again, this depends on the product. Most products are advertised as “painless”, and considering that many men wear them longer than ten hours a day for months at a time, they’re comfortable once you’re used to wearing them.

How often should I wear it?

Results are proportionate to the time they’re used. The best results have been shown by men wearing the device for eight to ten hours a day, from three to six months. Many men wear the device at work, provided they have a non-physical job. Others wear it while they sleep.

So if I use a penis extender even more I can grow a huge penis?

Penis extenders use traction to grow penile cells. This technique is medically proven to increase penis size up to 22 inches. Most men, however, will see growth up to a maximum point. You can safely expect several inches using a penis extender. Two feet, however, is pushing it.