Being guys, we’re in a position of enormous authority. You got a penis and the desire to use it. Look out world.

And male enhancement does great things for guys who need help where it counts. Low sex drive? Try VigRX Plus. Lacking size? Erection Fitness. Wanna go out like, yes, a porn star in the bedroom? Semenax.

You just gotta love male enhancement.

And yet, while it’s cool to have the ability – and the desire – to get out there and procreate, we think it’s best that we review the ethics involved in being guys. What’s cool and what’s worthy of a kick to the head.

Case in point: this week, a 43-year old Chinese feng shui instructor was jailed for using his powers of persuasion to bed his former girlfriend’s sister – beginning when she was 15. This admirable fellow, Yuen Yuk-Kin, convinced his victim that she could exorcise the evil spirits in possession of her soul by, of course, sleeping with him.

Um, yeah. Works better than holy water every time.

Let’s review what’s in accordance with the ethics of male enhancement – and what’s punishable by an endless marathon of daytime soaps:

What’s Cool – Penis Enhancement

If the size or performance of your penis has a negative impact on your confidence, it’s time to do something about it.

What’s Not – Spam Penis Enhancement Tactics

There are honest and effective male enhancement products and techniques out there, but spam just doesn’t belong in that category. Anyone who misinforms or exploits a guy’s feelings for profit is not a man.

What’s Cool – Getting Laid

With male enhancement, you’re super-charged and down-to-f#*k.

What’s Not – Cheating

Remember the golden rule, “Do unto others…”? Well, karma’s a bitch. When you cheat on people you damage relationships. Don’t go there.

What’s Cool – Beautiful Woman


What’s Not – Jail Bait

There’s a reason why guys who commit sex crimes and exploit minors are loathed by society – they’re the lowest of the low. Don’t even dream of sleeping with a woman under the age of consent.

What’s Cool – Being a Guy

Celebrate the fact that you’re a man, friend. Fish, go golfing. Drink beer. Do guy stuff.

What’s Not – Being a Prick

We’ve discussed this before. Male enhancement can make you feel like a stud. And yes, we all know the stereotype that girls like the bad boy. But numerous studies show that guys with morals always get the girl in the long-run. This doesn’t mean you’ve got to take up poetry and be a “nice guy”. Just don’t be an a**-hole. Women, and guys, will respect you for it.