It’s the age-old question. Does it really matter what your penis looks like? Does a bigger or smaller size really feel different to a woman? Does your penis length and girth make you more or less of a man?

Surveys, studies, articles, opinions, and rants on the subject abound. Does size really, truly, honestly matter?

Wake up, folks. If size didn’t matter, then why the heck would we spend so much time talking about it?!?

Of course size matters. It matters a lot. And it matters for a lot of different reasons.

Size Matters Because of How SHE Feels

A woman’s vagina is built to accommodate a large penis. The stretchy and highly sensitive tissues of the vaginal walls expand even further when aroused. Natural lubricants secreted upon arousal are also designed to help allow the entrance of a large penis.

When a small penis is present, the penis can become a little “lost” within this well-lubricated, expansive female sex organ.

A penis that is too narrow will not be able to create the intensity of friction necessary for her sexual pleasure. A penis that is too short will not be able to penetrate deeply enough to hit the sensitive “G-spot” area.

And let’s not forget about the animalistic pleasure she takes in looking at a large, erect penis. We are all animals, and we respond as nature intended us to. That’s why women are attracted to power, virility, and strength.

Studies show that women are innately more attracted to tall men. In this day and age, we are no longer hunter-gatherers and certainly don’t need size and strength to succeed on the stock exchange! But nature prevails and women are attracted to the powerful provider, the leader of the clan.

And it’s no different for penis size. When a woman looks at a huge, throbbing, erect penis, of course she is instinctively drawn to it! She is impressed by its size and its strength, and its promise of virility.

When a woman sees a smaller penis, she thinks to herself: “That’s okay. I love him for who he is.”
And while that may be true, the reality is she’d love you a little more (or at least be that much more excited) if you had a larger penis.

Surveys generally show that a little more than three-quarters of women say that size matters. And what about the remaining 25 percent? Most likely, they either have a man with a huge penis and can easily say it doesn’t matter since they are so well satisfied! Either that, or they are with a man with a small penis and they need to pretend to themselves that it doesn’t matter to keep from hurting his feelings.

No woman ever says she is attracted to a small penis. Sure, too large can be an issue for small women, but an eight- or nine-inch penis is, truth be told, a total “chick magnet.” It’s just nature.

Size Matters Because of How YOU Feel

Let’s not forget, too, about the importance of your own perceptions of yourself.

A man with a small penis lacks confidence. He is unsure of himself in the bedroom — can he really please his woman? Is she wishing he was bigger? Will a new lover be disappointed to see (and feel) his small size?

He feels less masculine in the locker room, too. Do the other guys notice his inferiority?

When your penis is too small, it affects your confidence with women, but more than that, it damages your self-esteem and makes you question your manhood and your virility.

Any man wants to see his partner gasping in delight over his impressive erection; gasping even harder as she is entered by him. This goes back to our animal instincts. It’s just the way nature built us.

A man who is confident in the bedroom is equally confident in the bar, in the boardroom, or on the football field. Our sexuality plays a fundamental role in defining who we are as human beings, as men. And when that crucial ingredient in our fallible human makeup is compromised, it can truly destroy our lives.

So yes, size does matter. It matters because of how you look and feel to her. It matters because of what it represents to you.

Your penis, like it or not, is the flagship of your masculinity. If it’s limp, flaccid, weak, or small, how is that going to affect your ego and your sense of self?

Luckily, nowadays every man has the right and the ability to have a large, hard, impressive erection to show off to women and to bolster his confidence. Size matters, so do yourself a favor and be as big as you can be.