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Dear Kevin Gausepohl, does masturbation really improve your singing voice?

But we’re a little lost on this one.

According to this cool customer, a little masturbation might help your singing voice. Kevin Gausepohl, until recently a music teacher at Tacoma Community College, allegedly told that to a 17 year old student, who complied with some of his requests to strip down in one of her private lessons and, uh, extend her vocal range.

This, according to the Tacoma News Tribune.

The problem with a 34 year old music instructor telling a minor to, you know, touch herself in front of him is that it’s like…well it’s illegal. And it makes the dude look curiously like a sick leech who might soon share a cell with someone who might have the same intentions with him.

But failing that, we’re intrigued. Ninety-five per cent of guys do the self-pleasuring routine. So, what’s the deal? If a guy touches himself will that make him worthy of the Vienna Boy’s Choir?

In a completely unrelated note, Gausepohl, our hero, now faces charges of communicating with a minor for purposes related to being a pervert. Yada yada yada, technicalities…that’s not the issue here.

The real thing that’s on our minds is, well, out with it. Does masturbation help your singing voice? Does sex? We’re not really singers here, but if you’ve first hand knowledge that singing does just that, by all means, we want to hear about it.