Been doing the ProExtender System boys? If yes, you’ve more inches. And now, you’ve got protection.

According to this article, custom-sized condoms have been available for two years. But now they’re legal…in Europe.

Those Europeans. Always so far ahead…

For us post-ProExtender folks, who know the challenges of having a larger-than-average Johnson, choosing a condom that fits can be a challenge. Once size truly doesn’t fit all, as a larger penis in a standard-sized condom can cause slippage and increase the chance that your plastic will break. And we don’t wanna go there.

CEO Joe Nelson of TheyFit, which offers the condoms upon measurement with a printable scale, says they were just approved by the European Union. And they’ve seen the demand here in the U.S., and they’re working on it.

Come on FDA…loosen up…

A recent study of 820 men found that fitted condoms may reduce the chances of STDs. Extrapolate a little more and you’ll conclude that a customized condom might also prevent unplanned pregnancies. Plus they’re way more comfortable.

Because for us guys with a bigger penis, those little condoms are just so…small.

And if you’ve used this blog, you’re aware how to increase penis size safely and without surgery. Ten months of that, then print up the online condom measurement scale and you’re feelin’ pretty good.

Hey, it ain’t too late to start. Choose one of the better penis enlargement methods, stick to the program and by the time you’re finished, it may be possible to order extra large condoms for your best friend in the United States. Start with ProExtender System or Erection Fitness and go from there.