Yet another reason to skip processed foods and actually cook your own meals. The hazards of chemicals and plastics used in food storage are well-documented, ranging from risk of cancer to degradation of sperm. Now, according to new research, news that tinned food might cause ED.

The study, published in the Journal of the Medical Association, consisted of 75 test subjects – who’d obviously never considered the health risks of shoving industrial chemicals down their throats – who bravely allowed researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health to feed them a diet of canned food for five days.

Was this a good idea? For our better understanding of health and the hazards of processed foods, yes. For them, not so much, because when the urine tests came back, the researchers found that each guinea pig had a 1,221% increase in levels of BPA.

For those of us who like to get our love on with any frequency greater than once a week, that’s not a good thing. Because BPA, a chemical released by metal cans and plastic bottles, is linked to a cringe-worthy set of health concerns, from cancer to diabetes and – take note boys – erectile dysfunction.

Research continues, of course. And it’s unclear whether the results are cumulative and with long-term effects on health.

But for the time being, you could do worse than to avoid tinned foods. And to be honest, that’s probably for the better. After all, what would you rather eat, a home-cooked meal or Chef Boy R Dee?

And along these lines, opt for healthy foods that nourish the sex drive. Suggestions? Dark green leafy vegetables are great. Oysters, eggs and, well, head over to this link published at