On Judgement Day, when you meet your maker, how do you want to be remembered?

If you’re like most of us, you probably want to be remembered as a man. Like the guy who threw the perfect curve ball in the local slow-pitch tournament. Or the guy who put a rotary engine in every car in America.

Maybe you’re a dad, and want to go down as the guy who took his kid to every NHL rink in North America. Or you’re a lady-killer, and think your claim to fame will be to bed a Victoria’s Secret model for six consecutive years.

Hey, whatever floats your boat. We all have a calling. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Henry Ford made the Model T, and Eddie Van Halen invented the electric guitar (you know we speak the truth when we say that!).

Which is why it really sucks to be this guy. Because no matter what, he’ll be forever remembered as the guy who burst into flames in a San Francisco porn shop while, er, “exercising”. And he wasn’t struck by lighting.

Come on man!! Ever heard of the internet? We’re all guilty of a little self-pleasuring every now and then, but be discreet!!

We’ve blogged about male enhancement and excessive self-pleasuring before. We’re not gonna preach here so much as comment that maybe, just maybe, one of the benefits of male enhancement, aka a pleasing penis and a sex drive to match, is the ability to go out and meet women. And then go home and do what nature intended men and women to do…

Let male enhancement give you a large penis, if that’s what makes you confident. This is a male enhancement blog. No worries. Do what you gotta do and feel good about it.

Then get out there and meet women! Don’t spend your nights idling in porn shops, or holed up in your apartment with Coke and nachos and enough porn to last til Rapture! Life is short. Enjoy it.

And be remembered for what you’re meant to be: a man.