We know it’s tempting, but don’t treat erectile dysfunction with geckos.

Put that lizard down buddy.

The Philippine Government has issued a warning to Asian men about the dangers of using geckos to treat ailments including AIDS and erectile dysfunction. Yes, geckos.

Citing alarm at the growing trade of the sexy green reptiles, authorities in the Philippines say that the wall-climbing bad boys are exported to South Korea, China and Malaysia, where geckos are held in high esteem as a traditional medicine for erectile dysfunction.

Men really want their geckos; an 11-ounce (300 gram) lizard sells for close to $1,200 US Dollars.

Authorities warn that use of geckos to treat impotence has no scientific basis and is swathed in folklore more than reality. In accordance with tradition, geckos are dried and pulverized in some Asian countries, and there are accounts of their saliva and organs being used.

Geckos are also used in traditional medicine to treat asthma, AIDS, cancer and tuberculosis.

The problem, aside from the mass trade of animals as a medicine that doesn’t work, is that men who use geckos to treat ED, or other ailments, are lulled into a false sense of security and are less likely to pursue effective treatments that work. Asthma treatments, as the article notes, are readily available and quite affordable.

Geckos aren’t the only animal used as aphrodisiacs. In Chinese folklore, tiger penis is highly prized for its potency, and a specimen can easily fetch $2,500 US Dollars, and $5,700 when served as an exotic meal. This, despite a lack of evidence to support these claims and plummeting populations of tigers due to poaching.

We admit that some traditional medicines hold value for their aphrodisiac properties and to put passion in the bedroom. Epimedium and ginseng, for example, have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, and there’s enough evidence to show that they work.

But we’re not keen on slaughtering animals to produce a hard-on, especially when a) it’s cruel, b) some species are close to devastation (just look at shark-fin soup – a terrible practice), c) there’s no evidence to show they even work, and d) there’s a proven and effective natural treatment for ED that’s affordable AND sustainable.

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No geckos required.