A man who is able to have the right penis size will feel like a king with a crown on every occasion that he has sex. Many men have problems with their penis sizes. For them, the penis size is a great contributor to the ego and performance in bed; thus, anything that helps them enlarge their penis size is always welcome. Here is a discussion on natural male enlargement exercises that you can use as a man without the need of any specialized equipment. The advice discussed below, together with the enlargement exercises mentioned come from experts and seasoned practitioners who have already gained the desired results by using them.

Just note that although this information qualifies as expert advice, it does not necessarily mean that you should take it as medical information. If you need medical help, consult your doctor who will tell you what you need to do before using pills and doing the exercises.

The greatest benefit of an enhanced penis is that it gives you an excellent chance for having sexual welfare, physical strength and mental strength. A small penis size makes men feel weak and embarrassed to seek help even from their wives. Sometimes, the small size also becomes a cause for erectile problems. What everyone needs to understand is that natural male enlargement exercises are not an instant fix to penis size. It takes time to see a remarkable change, but once the change occurs, it stays permanent.

Clarifications on popular myths about penis size

Even though penis size may not matter in sexual fulfillment, a person with a large penis size and the right sexual techniques will have a better chance of satisfying their partner compared to the person with a penis size that is considered small.

The thickness of the penis is the greatest factor in sexual fulfillment for many women. Many sexual partners enjoy sex when their male counterparts have a thick penis that rubs well on the inside of their genitals.

In terms of perception, a big erect penis shows that a man is full of testosterone; therefore, the man is more likely father babies and offer extended pleasures in bed. You can enhance your penis and make it strong by regular masturbation as well as with exercises as explained below.

Natural male enhancement exercises

Your penis is not a muscle and you should not try to overextend it. Three types of exercising help to increase its size by stretching the skin and tissues of the penis. The exercises are jelqing, stretching as well as capture and stretch.

1. Stretching exercise

For stretching exercise, you need to first warm up the penis. This will significantly lower the occurrence of any negative effects. Everyone doing the stretching technique must stick to a routine two to three times in a day that allows him to have enough rest between the repetitions.

While the penis is not erect, hold it with one hand without stopping blood circulation. Pull the penis aside and stretch it to a maximum length then hold it in that position for about five minutes. You should only feel slight discomfort but not pain. Take a one-minute rest as you message your penis in circular motions. Repeat the procedure again as you change the direction of stretches up, down, left and right. After three months of stretching, you should see a significant change in penis length.

You can also use the isometric contraction method to enlarge your penis and control ejaculations. This technique uses the contraction of the buttock in a rhythmic way. With every buttock contraction, you increase blood flow to the penis tissues and this allows you to get a better erection and growth of the same tissues.

2. Capture and stretching exercise

The regular stretching exercise described above takes about an hour to perform. People who have little time to devote the exercises might consider using the capture and stretching technique that takes about five minutes and yields the same results in a few months. Besides, it is easy to repeat the exercises two to three times in a day. When you capture and stretch your penis, the stretched skin of the erected penis leads to tension creation in the cavernous tissue. With time, the skin becomes more elastic and the chamber volumes increase to make the penis heavier when erect, as more blood is able to rush into it.

You need to lubricate the penis and sit on the edge of furniture then embrace the penis with the thumb and forefinger tightly. Stretch the penis from the shaft outwards and tighten your grip with each repetition so that you hold more blood in the penis. After achieving a full erection, turn your attention to the shaft where you will hold your thumb and forefinger grip as you embrace the penis with the other hand and stretch it as much as you can. Hold for ten seconds then rest for ten seconds before repeating with up, down, left and right directions. When you are done, let off the grip so that blood flows back.

3. Jelqing or milking exercise

Jelqing affects the length, thickness, weight and volume of the penis. Everyone needs a half-erect penis to use jelqing enlargement exercises. Start by lubricating the penis adequately with oil or gel. Take the penis by the shaft with your forefinger and thumb. Move your hand towards the glans and back to the shaft until you achieve half-erection. With the half-erect penis, make a ring with your left hand and hold the penis at the base. Use the other hand to stretch the penis with a firm gently grip. After reaching the glans, change your hands so that the resulting movements look like a person milking a cow. Start with an average stretch for 200-300 movements on the first week and increase the number and strength to above five hundred in the subsequent weeks.

As the explanation on male enhancement exercises depicts, to get a large penis, you need to commit to an exercise regime for at least a few weeks. You also need to do each strengthening; firming and elongation exercise, in its recommended way so that you avoid any injuries to your penis. You cannot do penis enlargement exercises in isolation. The body has to stay in a perfect health condition; thus, it is best to stay away from anything that may cause harm such as fake enhancement products and poor diet.