Facts and Fallacies About Average Penis Size

Myths and stereotypes replete with misinformation about penis size are bound to make any man wonder whether or not he actually falls into the “normal” range.

As legend has it, penis size can categorically vary according to race, height, length of nose, size of feet, length of thumbs, etc…

Of course, almost every shred of this is absolute nonsense. While there may be a tiny bit of evidence behind penis size differences in different parts of the world, these are only mass generalizations and are about as helpful as saying, “White men can’t dance.”

Another problem with the issue of penis size is that most studies allow men to measure themselves. There are multiple problems with this…

First, most men who want to take part in a study of this nature are slightly bigger than average – and want to show off about it. Second, the method used to measure the penis may vary from man to man. And third, many men may exaggerate their claim slightly in order to feel better about their penis size.

So What Is “Normal”?

The truth is, the average penis is between five and seven inches in length when erect. The vast majority of men fall into this range.

However, a great many men fall outside of this range as well.

The largest penis on record was 14 inches when erect, as noted in Dr. David Reuben’s Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex.

There are also many records of penises that are less than one inch in length when erect.

This is a condition referred to as “Micropenis.” Some reports say that as many as one in 200 men are afflicted with micropenis. These men often have difficulty achieving penetration during sex; some can’t even urinate standing up. However, many men with micropenis have relatively normal sexual relationships and can father children and lead normal lives.

Of course, most likely, any man with a penis on the small side will want to do something about it — especially if it’s abnormally small.

But the real question is, in a perfect world, what size penis do women actually want?

The Best Penis Size (According to Women)

Of course, as with anything in life and especially in the bedroom, individual tastes and preferences vary widely.

But in a recent survey, the vast majority of women agreed that the ideal penis size falls between eight and 8.5 inches when erect. Not uncomfortably huge — but certainly not small.

Some like them bigger; some prefer them a little smaller, but the vast majority want about an eight-incher.

Now, you may notice right away that this preference falls outside of the “normal” range of penis sizes. Most men are somewhere in the five- to seven-inch range when fully erect. If you have a five-inch penis, fine, you’re in the normal range. You might feel okay about that.

But the reality is that a five-inch penis to a woman is not just “normal” – it’s mediocre. It doesn’t really “measure up.”

According to this survey, even a perfectly respectable seven-inch penis could use some improvement.

How Do You Know if You Have a Small Penis?

Well, the first thing to do is to measure your penis when fully erect. Measure from the tip (head) of your penis to your abdomen, along the topside of the penis.

If you’re too embarrassed to measure or simply don’t want to know the answer, then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your penis ever “slip out” during intercourse?
  • Has a woman ever asked you if your penis was inside her yet?
  • Do your female sex partners usually bend their knees up by their heads and try to push you deeper into them?
  • Do your condoms ever fall off?
  • Do you have trouble bringing a woman to orgasm with your penis?

These are all indications that you have a small penis – and one that’s probably not very satisfying to women.

It’s a difficult reality that women prefer larger-than-average penises. Thankfully, with advancements in modern medicine, there are things you can do to help improve the size of your penis.

A man with a one-inch penis is unlikely to ever have an eight-inch penis, no matter how hard he works at it. But most men are perfectly capable of adding at least a couple of inches to the length of their penis – making it that much more appealing to women.