How Big Can You Get?

Now the first question. How big can you get? The largest penis in history was just over two feet long. You can mention that when you require useless trivia to amaze people at cocktail parties. would that fit in a pair of jeans? Okay, back to the subject. How big? Results vary according to the method used, duration, and you. There are documented cases of guys adding four inches and more to their penis.

Male Enhancement and Discretion

How do you tell someone you have an eight-inch penis? Or maybe a better way to phrase this question, SHOULD you tell anyone your penis size? Well friend, unless I have the letters “MD” following my name, the truth is, if you've got a huge penis, enjoy it. And keep it between you and the ladies, or your significant other.

Male Enhancement and Your Fertility

We're living in a Wal-Mart Nation guys, if you're trying to conceive, that can be rough. That's because we like our PS3's and Xbox. We love our Blue-Ray movies and giant flat-screens. They make a great combo with a six pack of Coke and some nachos with cheese. Party at my house! Hey, I love chilling in the man cave as much as the next guy. But with 30% of the American population obese (not just overweight, beyond that!), our swimmers are drowning in a sea of lethargy and cholesterol.
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