There are some ailments of the male condition that most men would prefer to avoid. Sex addiction is not one of them. What guy wouldn’t want to be addicted to sex? Desire, staying power, and stamina to keep the bed a’rockin for hours on end.

Well, according to this article, sex addiction is a serious ailment. Sex addiction is, as the article suggests, an addiction so compelling that it’s comparable to crack cocaine.

Wow, that’s pretty harsh. Moreover, the article suggests that people don’t take sex addiction seriously. Marriages suffer, lives get torn apart, because some men (yes, men are three times more likely to be sex addicts than women) have that irresistible urge to get out their and use them loins.

Our thoughts? Well, this is a male enhancement blog. Therefore, we have a few thoughts about sex addiction. And the prevailing thought is…OK, we won’t BS you, we think it’s pretty cool. Let’s look at some of the better-known sex addicts, and how they cope with the burden of endless sex.

Some ground rules first. We don’t like sex addiction if and when:

Is Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby a sex addict?

families and marriages are broken

guys harass women

the addiction stems from childhood trauma or abuse

it leads to any form of abuse, period

it leads to guys watching stupid amounts of porn

On that note, let’s look at some of the more noteworthy and famous sex addicts:

Michael Douglas – Gordon Gekko! We can’t not like this guy. He’s aged a little since that whole “Greed is good” thing, but he’s still got some of that corporate bad-ass ladies magnet going on, and he’s committed to nuclear disarmament and gun control. Good on him.

Mayor Joseph Quimby – Diamond Joe Quimby from the Simpsons might very well be the epitome of a womanizer. A parody of Ted Kennedy and members of clan Kennedy, Diamond Joe is all that’s evil and funny about politics. And he really can’t keep his hands off the ladies.

Anthony Weiner – You know how this went. Anthony Weiner thought about his weiner a little too much and the rest is history. Sorry, we just had to go there. We like that he gives a damn about the United States, but word is he’s kinda gruff with his staff. No need to be rude Anthony…

David Duchovny – The X Files star (yes, we said X Files, not Californication, cause Mulder rocks), is one of the more famous sex addicts, checking himself into rehab in 2008 for a “sex disorder”. Points lost: ditching Vancouver for California. Points gained: being David Duchovny.

Honorable mention goes to Hugh Hefner. We love ya Hef!!!