With all the stories of penis detachment swirling through media circles recently, this one is on the tamer side. Tame, that is, as far as losing your penis can be.

The thing is, losing your penis just sucks all around. And a lot of guys who come to this website are going through the motions with problems like erectile dysfunction, and hence, we can relate to what this guy is going through.

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To recap how this transpired, an American trucker, Phillip Seaton of Kentucky, went to Jewish Hospital for a circumcision to treat inflammation of his penis. But the operating doctor found a life-threatening cancer in Seaton’s penis and amputated the lion’s share of his manhood.

Now Philip Seaton has no more penis, no more sex, and feels like less of a man.

The doctor’s lawyer claims that Seaton is alive today because the surgeon took action to solve a lethal illness, and though it hadn’t been detected previously, would have killed Seaton if left untreated.

Of course, Seaton sees things just a little differently, and is suing Jewish Hospital for “loss of service, love and affection.”

Getting back to male enhancement, most of us here can relate to loss of love and affection. All kidding aside, erectile dysfunction is such a huge issue in bedrooms across America, many men are living the equivalent of life without a penis.

Add the estimated one in 200 men who live with micro-penis – a penis under two inches long – and you can see how much a man’s penis contributes to his identity, and the need to feel loved and accepted.

Relax guys, it’s not all doom and gloom. If you have a small penis, a proven penis extender, like ProExtender System can make your penis bigger. And for quick and immediate relief, try one of the better penis oils, like VigRX Oil, for instant arousal and to make sex all it’s meant to be.

In other words, celebrate your manhood. Enjoy what you offer your lover. You’re a man. Know that.